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As I’ve posted in my previous post, I needed to stop my hardcore otome gaming… from this day till I passed sr. high school or perhaps after I graduated from senior. I never claimed I’d stop everything, I just said “hardcoring” it.

Though either way, I noticed I’m not much into otome gaming lately even if my miyako FD(I love the ED xD) and Atelier Elkrone came, I barely passed the prologue in atelier then moved on to miyako… finishing ichigou, genshin, seimei and nigou’s and I could barely give a crap on it—not to mention that I haven’t played my most faves, Izumi and Raikou; I liked Douman but I don’t know why I can’t bring the bloody crap to get over his route.

On the other hand, I’ve been buying lots of examination reviewers and novels in the bookstore. I’ve been trying to have the courage to buy a BL novel in Tsutaya and Kuchiki but I’ve been a regular customer there usually in my jr. high school uniform and I highly doubt the tenchou will sell sekaiichi hatsukoi’s newest volume to an underage like me.

I’ve been addicted to novels lately, to the point that I used my “exclusive B’s log allowance” for it. So, this month, I might not be able to buy a B’s log even if it’s uta puri cover. :/ Most of the novels I’m reading now were:

  1. Migawari Hakushaku Series(There’s a manga too. But dear lord, the series’ novel has 10+ volumes and I don’t think I’d be buying the manga)
  2. Ouji ha Tadaima Dekasegi Chuu Series (There’s hints of BL. I bought the manga’s vol. 1. I’m thinking twice whether to get vol. 2 because there is no BL hint)
  3. Nemurenai Akuma to Byakua no Utahime(I think I got the title wrong but it was too long.  Reason I bought it? Kazuki Yone).
  4. Koisuru Ouji Series(I guess since it’s quite a popular shit like migawari, it would be a manga soon in B’s log’s Kyun)
  5. Miyako(Can’t wait for the Saiyuki x Izumi one which would be released next month)


And here are the lists of manga I bought and will prolly buy the next volumes in the near future:

  • Ore to Atashi no Kareshi-sama(serialized in Asuka, bought the vol. 1 last month)
  • Ouji ha tadaima dekasegi chuu(serialized in Asuka, bought the vol. 1, don’t know if I’d buy the next one :/ )
  • Kami toki Resist (serialized in Asuka, bought the vol. 1, thinking twice if I’m going to buy vol. 2)
  • Deadman wonderland(serialized in Kadokawa’s gekkei shounen ace, waiting for the next volume)

—um, for people who noticed… yes, for the moment, I only buy Kadokawa manga. For the un-feeded minds, Asuka is also a part of kadokawa shoten’s.


So, that’s my non-sense post again x] I just wanted to post the stuffs I’m reading now in order to release stress from doing homeworks(LOTS OF THEM. I’m even spamming my facebook about them every time I go online). The only time I actually read my bunko was during the 朝読書 at school or when I needed to take a breather from my five-27-paged assignments every week Dx


No buying otome games for a year *cries*

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Waiting for my last 6 pre-ordered otome/BL games (atelier, miyako FD, brother’s conflict, utapri debut, joker no kuni(which would arrive tomorrow) and lucky dog 1 fd) and I’m signing off MOST of my gaming life. I’d still play games once in a while to release stress but I’d put studying as my first priority now(what with today is the start of 3rd year). I’d probably continue buying b’s log and would still buy an issue of asuka and hana to yume but since reading a manga would only take me 10~15 per volume, it doesnt really count as something that totally disturbs my study rituals(like a cult xD). I’d also still log in in luvinia saga every ONCE a month as I just can’t completely let go of it. –and I’d still play gree games EVERY day xDD


But real thing here is gree, luvinia saga and manga are just 10% of my whole life…otome gaming(PC, PSP, DS) contains the rest of it and if I’d ever want to go to shougyou koukou, I’d better slowly and slowly try to tame the otome beast in me. And it won’t start as long as i keep on ordering and ordering bloody games on the net.


Erm, so I guess I’d be slightly hiatus on all otome-related activities(runs away trying to suppress the tears about to fall) Bye for now, my otome games!!!! (TT_TT)


P.S. I’d still stalk on otome blogs, though I won’t be doing much gaming. Unless it’s vacation or saturdays.

Gree: Love Plan ~Otona no Love Story~ Introduction

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As much as I can’t help but think that this and love and job~otona no jijou~ is quite the same except for the dumping part, and heroines, I quite liked this one. For one, the art is awesome and for two, it’s not a kuso-social app like ai no kemono which I officially quit now what with the obvious no-paying-no-story crap they are pulling, I’d rather pay for the voltage games in the market. Continue reading

Great Job Trolling Me Voltage

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So I bought kaitou x koi no yokokujyou yesterday in softbank’s app store(since the market, or google play only accepts fucking cards while softbank allows me to had it sent with my bill) and I feel so betrayed..::・┻┻☆()゚O゚) イタッ!!

So I payed for the ¥315 and bought the crap then after I finished the prologue and chapter 1 *drum rolls*

Your playing time for this day is over. You can play again tomorrow at 11 am 39 min. etc.





And then I remembered that it was ¥315/month. Now, it all makes sense… anyway, if this was a free game, I would have uninstalled it that moment but since that money will be sent with my bill for sure now, I don’t have much choices but to go on trying to keep my cool for this bloody trolling Voltage had done. I’ll continue playing this game, since it was quite funny anyway and I already paid it. Losing then gaining nothing? No way. (;¬_¬)

Evil chocolates!!!

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Now I know that making chocolates in tmgs 1,2 and 3 was easier than making them in goddamn real life! 😡

First of all, it costs a lot of money(since buying all those nama cream, pure chocolate and cocoa could have worth me a new psp game)  secondly, you need to cut them to tiny pieces until your arms get tired and you can feel your hips having this the ‘usual thing’ about them. 3rd, mixing it till it masses was another work to do same effects from the 2nd reason. And then I have to bloody wait for an hour and mold it to balls and sprinkle it with pure cocoa, putting it in a gift bag and giving it away on 14(This is why I shouldn’t have accepted those tomo-choco last valentine, i wouldn’t have faced this horror). IF you’ll ask, this is more like a HORROR-choco than a tomo-choco. I should have gone with the bloody cookies instead. (<_<)


EDIT: Well, making it was destructive but lawl, the final product the was quite nice :’D And I’m telling you this is not because I made it myself, it did turned out pretty nice and yummy(not so sweet too).

One step closer! *RL+Sudden Quinrose Marathon…

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Today, my eiken(English proficiency) test’s result came and I PASSED IT. The writing test wasn’t difficult but I do admit the speaking test was crazy(not really, I’m just exaggerating). I think the engrish of the examiner made me feel confused on a few things and it doesn’t help that she was speaking in a melosoft voice that it was kinda difficult to understand. This is one of the reasons why I usually prefer male examiners because they have louder and CLEARER voices. But anyway, I passed. I’m just one step closer to going to kurashou or kurako or chuou sr. high school which ever I’m going to. I’m mostly leaning to kurashou because I’m more interested in computers than in sewing and cooking that home economics course in kurako and chuou was offering since I only really want to go to HE course for the fashion design course which I think will help me since I plan to study in vantan on Osaka once I graduate senior. But programming isn’t bad too. I could always prefer staring at the PC screen all day than cooking, honestly(which would be a required until 2nd year on the selection course on HE). If private schools and dormitories weren’t as expensive as shit here in Japan, I would have went to Okayama City and study in Rikadai’s anime course but oh well, I heard that we could buy a new house and a brand new car with the tuition there so no way. Give me the money and I’d buy otome games instead. xD Continue reading

Otome game makers thinks we need american love

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which is no.

Tiny x Machinegun(release date: spring 2012, i think)

Bakudan Handan Continue reading

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